Dream Home Project

For a family, stable home is a foundation upon which to build a successful life. It is the freedom to study, to aspire, to strive, to dream, without uncertainty or fear. At Thaiba dream home, we believe every family should experience this kind of security. Our efforts to give families the gift of home and make our communities better places to live.

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Food & Dress Distribution

Abolish starvation is The only way to satisfy hunger. With the help
of Markaz and NGOs like RCFI, we conduct the distribution of food kits
dresses, and medicine for the poor and needy on various occasions. It
includes meat, masalas, rice, and other grocery items. There are
thousands of beneficiaries throughout the eastern part of India.


To alleviate poverty by empowering socially and economically
marginalized segments of the society through interest-free micro
finance The main aim is to alleviate poverty by creating a bond
of solidarity between the “haves” and “have nots”. Our goal is
to develop and sustain a social system based on compassion,
solidarity and mutual support. We extend a helping hand to the
poverty-stricken by providing interest-free loans so they can
become self-reliant. We see this not only as a religious obligation,
but also as a social contract – it is a pact between the privileged
and the underprivileged, a duty of those who have resources
towards those who do not.


Orphan Home Care

Thaiba Garden takes great initiatives for the adoption
and support of orphans and the destitute. An orphan is the
social responsibility of mankind. .Thaiba cares for orphans
with parental love and affection and provides housing,
food, clothing, and quality education. We create a close,
secure, family orientated environment, where orphans
are cherished, loved, nurtured, taught independence, and
encouraged to become the leaders of the community

Sweet Water Project

The first step in the fight for human rights is access to clean fresh water. The blue gold is the most precious thing in human life, and in
coming generations it will be more precious. Also, we believe that
the water resource should be open to all human and providing
water is the most appreciated deed with high moral values, the organization has introduced a project to provide pure and natural
water for the downtrodden of the society by ditching wells and
bore wells and arranging pipelines in various parts Bengal, Assam,
Tripura and Odisha. There are hundreds of public water projects
implemented in various remote areas of the above mentioned
states and thousands of families enjoy its benefit.


Youth Empowerment

Under this welfare program, experts give lectures and moral
classes to young boys and girls along with professional
coaching. It will enable them to do professional jobs with a moral
culture.50 students have been enrolled in the program in 2013.
It is a 6-month diploma course. The curriculum is prepared on the
basis of village youth’s abilities and aptitudes.

Women Empoverment

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