Cultural Centers

Allowing the right of freedom of a place for ibadat and spiritual
education for a good citizen. We have already constructed more
than 300 Masjids in the different states of the North-Eastern part
of India. We also started Madrasas along with Masjids to have
an everlasting solution for spiritual education. The most
progressive result of this virtue is we paved a path for the Muslim
community to go with an Islamic way of life with the real faith
and rituals. Before we start activities, the situation of Masjids was
too pitiful. There were a lot of Masjids built with mud and bamboos
having no adequate facilities especially in Eastern states like West
Bengal, Odisha, Assam, etc. The Muslims were highly in need of a
place for Sujud in front of Allah (SWT)

Social & Cultural
Social & Cultural

Moral Academies

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